New Fiber Blends for a Greener Tomorrow

New Fiber Blends for a Greener Tomorrow

At CYCLO, we are excited to announce the latest additions to our diverse product range, which reflect our continuous dedication to innovation and sustainability. Through our ongoing commitment to developing new and advanced blends using CYCLO recycled cotton, we strive to provide you with cutting-edge options for your needs.

We are pleased to present our latest creations: meticulously crafted blends that merge CYCLO recycled cotton with synthetic fibers such as Polylana, Nylon, and Cotluk, unlocking a realm of opportunities for eco-friendly fashion. Additionally, we have fulfilled the anticipation by introducing the long-awaited CYCLO Recycled Cotton + Bamboo blend, uniting comfort, style, and sustainability in a single, all-encompassing package.


But that’s not all! We are equally excited to unveil that we are now offering yarns from 100% recycled polyester.

These new additions to our wide range of existing blends showcase our dedication to expanding the possibilities of using sustainable yarns whilst ensuring quality at the highest possible level.

With these latest additions, we, at CYCLO continue to lead the way in eco-conscious fashion, providing you with even more choices to express your style while making a positive impact on the planet.

Nevertheless, there’s more to share. Our commitment extends beyond introducing new blends to our product range; we also dedicate ourselves to diligently expanding our exclusive color palette. Formerly consisting of 40 colors, our shade card has now grown significantly to an impressive 105, offering a diverse array of options and we are continuously developing new colors.

Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a greener future.


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